Set the description, servings, gross profit, tax rate and current selling price, add the necessary ingredients and production costs.

Avocado calculates and displays the cost price for each section as well as the overall cost price and cost price per serving.

Based on your desired gross profit Avocado also calculates the recommended retail price.


Menus are great for catering as you can add recipes to a menu, set the course and have the cost price calculated for the menu based on the added recipes.

Avocado will also calculate the recommended selling price based on the gross profit margin.


When creating ingredients you set the quantity, pack size, yield and purchase price.

You then need to select the base unit of measure and set the quantity per pack.

Once that is done you can add it to a recipe and select from the list of available units of measure and it will automatically calculate the cost.

Production Costs

Production costs can be used to track labour, electricity, water, etc, basically anything that is used in the production of the recipe.

You set the description and unit or hourly cost. These production costs can then be added to each recipe.


Tax Type & Tax Rate
Set the tax type and rate to factor in the relevant taxes when calculating recommended selling prices.
Gross Profit
Set the gross profit percentage for calculating recommended selling prices.
Allows for setting custom currency on the current database.